Our Role

The Youth Board of Cyprus was founded in 1994 as a public legal entity pursuant to the Youth Board Law of 1994 (Ν.33 (Ι)/94), which was passed unanimously by the House of Representatives. Since the beginning of its operation on the 2nd of June 1994, when the first Board of Directors was appointed, the organization has offered young people multiple opportunities for active participation in social activities in Cyprus and abroad.

The organization’s main role is advisory but it also undertakes youth related projects, following the approval of the Council of Ministers, either during the approval on the organization’s annual budget or under another special decision. As an advisory body, the Board of Directors submits proposals on the formation of a comprehensive and specialized youth policy to the Council of Ministers, via the Minister of Education and Culture.

The aim of the YBC policies are:

  • 01 progress and welfare of all young people in Cyprus
  • 02 providing opportunities to young people and their organizations to actively participate and be responsible for the social, economic and cultural development of their community and country
  • 03 young people’s creative engagement and entertainment dealing with youth related problems directly and effectively