Youth Entrepreneurship

The Youth Board of Cyprus actively supports the Youth Entrepreneurship scheme which operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (Industrial Development Service).

The program aims to develop, support and promote entrepreneurship among young people through financial support and educational training courses for the development of new and sustainable SMEs.  The scheme promotes the implementation of new technologies and innovative production methods, entrepreneurial development in the sector of environment, as well as entrepreneurial activities for the formation of dynamic, evolving and competitive businesses.

 Eligible applicants should comply with the following:

  • Be between 20 and 39 years old on the date of application submission
  • Are unemployed, employed or self-employed
  • Have not exercised any business activity for at least a year before the date of the application submission.

Within the framework of the program, the YBC is responsible for:

  • The promotion of the program and the distribution of relevant information to young people
  • The organization of seminars to present the program
  • The provision of technical assistance and other consultation to interested people
  • Cooperation enhancement among young entrepreneurs participating to the program.

Within this framework, YBC organizes informational seminars in all the cities of Cyprus before the application deadline. In addition, it offers FREE consultation and informative services on the Program and helps young people to submit their business plan and application successfully.



Anna Loizou
Responsible Youth Officer