Youth Wiki

Youth Wiki is an EU online portal that facilitates the dissemination and comprehension of national youth policies in European countries. In the portal one can find information on the decisions, actions, institutions and political discussions that have an impact on youth.

The portal is divided in Ten Policy Fields: Youth policy governance, Voluntary activities, Employment & entrepreneurship, Social inclusion, Participation, Education and training, Health and well-being, Creativity and culture, Youth and the world, Youth work.

Through Youth Wiki, European citizens can find information on the youth related policies and practices that are applied by each EU member state. Youth Wiki aims at providing EU member states the necessary support, enabling them to take well-founded decisions that will respond to young people’s challenges effectively. A further aim of Youth Wiki is to enhance European cooperation in the field of youth through the exchange of good practices.

Youth Wiki is a valuable tool for Youth Workers, such as policy makers, representatives of youth organisations, researchers and active citizens.

The Network is coordinated by the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency within the framework of European cooperation in the field of youth. Being the national correspondent and the responsible body for the National Youth Strategy, the Youth Board of Cyprus collects and shares relevant information on youth policies in Cyprus.



For more information you can contact the Youth Board of Cyprus.