Social Innovation for Social Inclusion (SI2)

Even though the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship are becoming more evident in our daily practice and in relevant youth policies that are being put forward (UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Youth Goals), these concepts have not been extensively explored in the Cypriot reality.

In this context, the Youth Board of Cyprus, as the National Agency for the European Programme “Erasmus+: Youth”, and the Centre for Social Innovation are organising a 2-day Forum in order to further explore the inter-correlation between the topics of social innovation and social inclusion. This event is open to local stakeholders, representing the public and private sector, including youth NGOs, who are knowledgeable and/or involved with the topics of social innovation and social inclusion

In these 2 days, participants will have the opportunity to become inspired and informed on the current state of affairs, at both EU and national level, on the topics of social innovation and social inclusion, and, at the same time, delve further into these through interactive workshops and show case studies. Since this Forum is taking place in the framework of the [email protected] Strategic Partnership on Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship, stakeholders will also have the opportunity to learn about the [email protected] Strategic Partnership, a transnational institutional alliance aiming to advance youth employability and entrepreneurship by using the Erasmus+ EU Programme, which is supported by 11 Erasmus+ National Agencies, 4 SALTO-YOUTH resource centres and the European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre.