Youth Volunteer Team

Volunteering is of vital significance both for young people’s personal development and for the cultivation of collective consciousness and social solidarity. That’s why the Youth Board of Cyprus has formed “Young Volunteers Group” to promote volunteering among young people.

The Youth Board encourages young people to become members of the “Young Volunteers Group” and gain important benefits and experience.

The members of “Young Volunteers Group” will have the opportunity:

  • to participate in Youth Board’s actions and projects, supporting local youth and society
  • to develop their personality and enhance their confidence by supporting other people, their community and the society as a whole
  • to gain new knowledge and experience
  • to meet and interact with new people, having a pleasant and creative free time
  • to enrich their curriculum vitae with new knowledge and experience, which will be useful for their future professional development

Active members of “Young Volunteers Group” will receive a Participation Certificate from the Youth Board of Cyprus.  The certificate will serve as a proof of informal and non-formal learning and can add value to the young volunteers’ CV, improving their employability or access to scholarships/awards, etc.