E-Participation is about fostering civic engagement and open, participatory governance through Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). Growing evidence points to the rapid expansion of e-Participation as a tool for engagement and strengthened collaboration between governments and citizens. Its objective is to improve access to information and public services as well as to promote participation in policy-making, both for the empowerment of individual citizens and the benefit of society as a whole.

For this reason, the Board chose to participate in a European-wide programme, the EUth. EUth is an innovative three-year research project funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to get more young people involved in political decision-making and increase youth trust in political institutions. How is that achieved? Eleven project partners from eight different countries have developed an open and easy-to-use online participation platform along with different mobile tools and apps for smartphones and tablets. This way, young people can get involved whenever and wherever they wish with minimum effort.

The Youth Board of Cyprus is using whilst testing as well the platform for the purposes of the National Youth Strategy (NYS).

How to participate:

  • At this point, an e-consultation process is in progress, concerning the development of the Action Plans of the NYS.
  • To take part you must register here. PLEASE NOTE that the consultation is in Greek only.
  • Then we’d like you to tell us which of the priorities of the NYS, the government should implement first and in what way.
  • Your proposal must be clear, concise and answer: who should do what, when and how.
  • Through the platform you can also vote the best –in your opinion- ideas proposed by your peers.
  • Your suggestions –or the most voted ones- will be submitted to the Cross-sectorial Committee (that is the governments’ representatives) to consider them whilst designing the NYS measures. The Action Plans will be enriched constantly by your ideas.

You can submit your proposals on each of the eight fields of action of the NYS by clicking on the following links:

Culture and creativity

Employment and Entrepreneurship

Social Inclusion


Education and Training

Health and Well being


Youth and the World



NOTE: The platform is being tested in order to improve it. So, if you encounter any problems or difficulties or even if you have an idea of how it could function better, please send us an email at: kepli.limassol@onek.org.cy .