Dear Visitors,

I would like to welcome you to the Cyprus Youth Board website.

We deeply believe in young people of our country. Due to our imagination, creativity and strength of mind, we can bring out our best self and develop a bridge for a better Cyprus.

Our vision is the development of programs and actions that will not only unlock but also enhance the potentiality of the Cyprus’ young generation, and also to creatively contribute to the development of youth policies that will be focused on recent challenges.

In these difficult and challenging times, in order to be able to open new paths as a society, young people should be at the first line. That is why the state should support and protect young people in any possible way as its most unique treasure. The Youth Board of Cyprus strives to empower the young people of this country. It stands next to young people, walk with them and feel their pulse.

Dear Visitors, stay in contact with us in order to receive information about the programs and activities of the Youth Board of Cyprus and also to give us your ideas in order to become better.


Panayiotis Sentonas
Chairman of the Board of Directors