The Youth Board of Cyprus acknowledging the importance of volunteerism not only on the personal development of young people but also on the cultivation of collective consciousness  and social solidarity, decided to develop a “Youth Volunteer Team”,  in order to actively contribute in this way in the promotion of volunteerism among young people.

The Youth Board of Cyprus encourages young people of Cyprus to join the “Youth Volunteer Team”, in order to vitally benefit and earn significant experiences.

In particular young people that will become members of the “Youth Volunteer Team”, will have the opportunity to:

  1. To take part in different activities and programs of the Youth Board, and contributing in this way not only for the good of young Cypriots but also for the wider community.
  2. To further develop their personalities and enhance their self confidence by offering to humanity, to their community and to the society in general.
  3. To gain new knowledge and experiences.
  4. To achieve contact and communication with new people, to develop further their social newtwork, and to spend their leisure time in a creative and pleasant way.
  5. To enrich their CV, as the gained knowledge and experience will be useful for their upcoming professional career.

Young people that may be interested to become members of the “Youth Volunteer Team” of the YBC, should complete the relevant application form and submit it online at until 16/02/2015.

It is important to note that the YBC will give a participation certificate to the volunteer members of the “Youth Volunteer Team”, that will positevely respond to the actions that will be invited to participate.

This certificate is considered as a powerful evidence of informal and non formal learning, thay enhance the CV of young people, considerably help in the occupational rehabilitation and in the claim of awards/scholarships etc.

For more information please contact YBC at 22402601/22402696 or via email at .

Application Form