The “Youth Initiatives Project” of the Youth Board of Cyprus, refers to grant activities established by young people and organised youth organisations – with the excemption of NEPOMAK – World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots. Concerning all the necessary actions, rules and conditions for achieving financial  aid according to the project, the below Program Guide is attached.

The categories of beneficiaries are the following:

  1. Youth Organisations – Members of the General Advisory Body
  2. Municipal and Community Youth Councils
  3. Cyprus Youth Council
  4. Young people aged 14-35
  5. Informal Youth Groups
  6. Cultural Bodies
  7. Departments of Youth Societies /Associations
  8. Bodies dealing with young people with less opportunities  and bodies that develop related specialised programs.
  9. Youth centres/clubs
  10. Young Overseas Cypriots (NEPOMAK) 

The program provides to youth incentives for mobility and active participation in the cultural, sporting, political and social life of Cyprus. Its main aim is to encourage the use of informal and non formal learning and to enhance active citizenship through volunteerism. Within a year there are five application deadlines.

The documents related to the Youth Initiatives Project are:

  1. General Guide
  2. General Application Form
  3. Specific Application Form
  4. Evaluation Form
  5. Authorised Bank Transfer Form

Application Status/Results


In order to submit on time any additional documents or data that you may be asked to submit to the responsible service, please send the requested at