One of the main priorities of the Youth Board is the development of Youth Multicenters, where young people will be able to spend creatively their free time.  The Multicentres are places of free expression and creativeness, that enhance the social commitment and participation.

Nicosia «The STEAMers»

In the framework of the broader cooperation between the Local government and the Youth Board of Cyprus, the first Youth Multicentre started its operation in 2005, located at the 14 Tompazis street, in Lykavitos area – in Nicosia, in a listed building granted by the Nicosia Municipality. In this centre there are available PC laboratories and classes of music, dance, art, gymnastic, theater, AutoCAD, Photoshop and etc., where young people aged 6-35 and persons with special needs can participate free of charge. The workshops are operated by professionals teachers and the thematics are updated and adjusted to the needs and interests of young people. The rooms of the multicentre are also available for use  by the young people and the youth organizations for their own purpose. There is also a multi-purpose room with a capacity of 80 people seated and with the necessary equipment for projections and presentations. The room is available for youth organisations and other bodies the organization of events, conferences, seminars, press conferences, movies projection and other relevant activities. There is also a room fully equipped and appropriate for the organization of art exhibitions. Further according to the operational framework of the Multicentre, a program of Summer Leisure Activities is operating in June and July from 7:00 to 15:00 only for primary school children. There are different activities in the Summer school such as dance, gym, theatre, music, painting, handicraft and computers time. Finally, the children have the opportunity to take part in excursions, movies and theatre performance, experiential workshops based on friendship, feelings, addictions etc.

14 Tompazi Street, Lykavitos, CY 1070, Nicosia
Tel. 22877510, Fax: 22877511, E-mail:

Limassol «The STEAMers»

The Youth Multicenter of Limassol operates in the premises of Limassol Youth Multifunctional Centre where there are available PC laboratories and classes of music, dance, art, gymnastic, theater and art. The programme of Summer Leisure Activities successfully operates at the Youth Multicenter of Limassol as well. Also various activities and events are organized by different organized bodies and other related stakeholders of the Limassol district. Specifically, in the framework of such activities, cultural activities including dance performances are taking place, musical evenings, meetings, lectures based on different thematics such as European programs, prevention issues, movies themes, workshop etc.  Parallel, this centre also operates as a Youth Information Centre, by giving the opportunity to young people to have access to the Internet in order be informed  for different issues. Further, students from the Technological University, that is located a few meters away from the Multicenter, are regularly visiting the  center in order to use the Computers, to get information or to study. In addition, the centre also hosts the Counseling Services “Protasi” in order to provide support and counseling to young persons, couples and families that face various difficulties.

Tel. 25871471, Fax:  25342264, E-mail:

Paphos «The STEAMers»

In 2009 the Youth Board in cooperation with the Paphos Municipality created the Paphos Youth Multicentre, in order to correspond to the current needs of Paphos young people.  The Multicentre is located at the intersection of Glaustonos street with Apostolos Pavlos street. It hosts the Youth Information Centre, PC laboratories, exhibition room, multipurpose room, the Counseling Services “Protasi” etc. At the Multicentre there are available different type of classes such as PC laboratories, dance, gymnastic, TAEKWONDO, art, music and theater. Further, the programme of Summer Leisure Activities has also expanded at the Multicentre of Paphos, covering in this way all the cities with a Multicentre with this programme. Parallel at the Youth Information Centre, youth can been informed for different issues of interest from educated personnel, and also can have free access to the internet.

Special counselors offers their services in order to guidance and support on issues of concern such as European, business, family etc. In this way the Multicentre managed in two years time to be developed as a place of gathering and free expression for young people.

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Pancyprian number

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