The Prevention Centres “Micri Arktos”  is a prevention sector program that begun its liturgy in 2005 in Limassol. In 2008 the Prevention Centre “Micri Arktos” started operating in Nicosia as well.

The main aim of the Prevention Centre is the development of personal and social skills, the enhancement of protective factors and the reduction of factors that may lead a person to the use of addictive substances, to an addictive relationship or to any harmful or delinquent behavior.

Function Area: Cities and district areas of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

Apply for: parents, students, teachers, school administrators, municipal/community authorities, kindergarten teachers, volunteers.

It organises and accomplish prevention programs and fragmented actions (eg lectures) in schools and for the wider community: parents, children, adolescents, teachers and for other social groups (journalists, police officers, militants etc.).

Program: The activities intend to develop the personal and social activities of participants (8-15 in each group). Te program usually consists of 5-10 weekly meetings (workshops) lasting 90 minutes in a specified place and time.

Fragmented action: A specific type of action that aims to inform, mobilise, and raise public awareness. For example it may be a lecture at a conference, a lecture at a symposium, an experiential workshop, and even participation in cultural/sports events etc. In fragmented actions also various psychological content issues can be discussed (universal prevention) depending on the target group (parents, young people, teachers, other professionals).

Evaluation: The evaluation of the program is both quallitative and quantitative.

All the activities of the Prevention Centre are free of charge.

‘Micri Arktos’ Form” for Universal Prevention Action