As part of its youth support and empowerment mission, the Youth Board of Cyprus has taken the initiative to run a Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme within the framework of the National Action Plan for Youth Employment.

The mission of this new program is to support unemployed young people aged 15 to 29 who want to undertake entrepreneurship initiatives, and at the same time promote business culture in Cyprus. Through this new support mechanism, young people with limited knowledge and network will be given the opportunity to discover their business potential, develop viable businesses and create decent working conditions for themselves and for their peers. More specifically, the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Centre will:

  • Provide education and development of business skills, such as business plan creation, project management / management, sales and communication techniques, business start-ups, etc.
  • Provide guidance through a network of mentors and advisors
  • Provide support and information through a dedicated online platform.

The Program will be implemented in cycles all over Cyprus. Each round of seminars will last for a total of 28 hours, and after completion each participant will receive personalized counseling from experienced business mentors.

More information, participation forms and the specific dates and venues for the seminars can be found on the project website: as well as at the national telephone number 77772757.

Participation at the seminars is FREE.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and might be co-funded by the Youth Employment Initiative.